Prince of Peace Catholic Church is a community, united in faith, bringing Christ’s love to the world. 



Saturday: 5:00 p.m.

Sunday: 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:00pm(Spanish), and 7:00 p.m.

Weekdays: 8:15 a.m.

Confession: Saturday 3:00-4:30pm


Every parishioner experiences God´s love by means of the liturgy and sacraments, ministry participation, prayer, and parish family life in such a way that he/she cannot but become joyful and a missionary of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.


Parish Office Hours:
12pm-1pm (Closed for Lunch)

Religious Education Hours:
M,T,TH: 8:30am-4:30pm
12pm-1pm (Closed for Lunch)
Wed: 1pm-9pm
Fri: Closed

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  • Catholic chaplain accompanies anguished circus workers on final tour April 26, 2017
    IMAGE: CNS photo/Tanya Connor, The Catholic Free PressBy Tanya ConnorWORCESTER, Mass. (CNS) -- The congregation, numbering about 50, gathered for their last Easter Mass together on the DCU Center's arena floor. The chaplain, Father George "Jerry" Hogan, borrowed one of their colorful boxes to use as an altar. The altar cloths and his chasuble sported […]
  • Michigan head coach says meeting pope was 'emotional' April 26, 2017
    IMAGE: NS photo/L'Osservatore RomanoBy Junno Arocho EstevesVATICAN CITY (CNS) -- As someone accustomed to the stress of the gridiron, University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh said he was touched by Pope Francis' peaceful presence. "The way he talks is peaceful, it's calm. It felt like this is what it would be like to […]

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  • 7 Celebrity adoption stories that will warm your heart (PHOTOS) April 27, 2017
    Katherine Heigl, Simone Biles, Viola Davis and other stars share their beautiful adoption experiences.Adopting a child into your home can be a beautiful, selfless and loving journey. Recently, Simone Biles and Katherine Heigl spoke about the incredible impact that adoption has had in their lives. Both women have experienced its benefits from different perspectives: Katherine […]
  • “Month’s Mind Mass”: Honoring the departed a month later April 27, 2017
    Catholics know death is a beginning more than an end, and this Mass is a reminder of that.You’ve probably never heard of the Month’s Mind Mass. Not many Catholics have. When a person’s funeral day has ended and everyone has hugged the primary family member(s) and the promises to “be in touch” and comforting words of “if you need […]
    Larry Peterson


  • Pope meets with Papal Foundation April 27, 2017
    (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis received members of the Papal Foundation on Thursday who are on their annual visit to the Vatican. The Holy Father thanked them for supporting many religious and charitable causes and encouraged them, as a vital part of their "commitment to the work of the Papal Foundation, to pray for the needs of the […]
  • Pope Francis at audience: our faith an anchor in heaven April 26, 2017
    (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis held his weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, during which he continued his catechetical reflections on the theme of Christian hope, focusing specifically on the final words of comfort and consolation the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew records Our Lord speaking to the  disciples immediately before ascending […]