Our mission at Prince of Peace CYO is to provide a safe, faith based, and nonjudgmental athletic program. We are dedicated to our CYO program based on integrity, fair play and the right for all Boys and girls to participate no matter their athletic ability.

Our CYO program seeks to help young men and women to appreciate Christ’s presence

in their opponents. CYO offers our children, coaches and their families another opportunity to work together in communion.

This program offers variety of sports: Baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball and now cheering.

“To belong to a sports team means to reject all forms of selfishness and isolation, it is an opportunity to meet and be with others, to help each other, to compete in mutual esteem and grow in brotherhood.”

-Pope Francis to the youth,

Italian Sports Center Event, 2014


The CYO board and staff will do everything in our power to act in the best interest of the children participating in our program.


President- John Cruz

Vice President- Brian Wiggins

Athletic Director- David Tristan

Treasurer- Virginia Garcia

Register- Abby Gutierrez

Sports Minister- Javier Mireles