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The best way to get to know more about what the Catholic Church believes and subsequently what we believe as a community is to join our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. It is not only the program whereby people can enter into the Church but it is also a low pressure way to learn more about the Catholic faith in depth.

For now, here are a just a few statements of faith that will help dispel misinformation and shed some light on some of the basic tenants of the Church.

The Temporal

Human Dignity

We believe that human beings were created by God in love and that everything God creates is good and created out of love. While we have the capacity for sin, the Church believes in the dignity of the human person above all else.


We also believe that goodness infuses all of God’s wondrous creation. All creation, made by God, reflects that goodness. Catholics see the world and its beauty, renewed by the Incarnation, as sacramental – speaking of God’s goodness and love.


We believe in stewardship. Everything is given to us by God and our Catholic responsibility is to share our time, talent and treasure with those around us.

The Spiritual

About God

We believe in the Holy Trinity, that God has revealed himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – a communion of knowledge and love – has created us to share in that life.

About the church

We believe in community and a living Church – believers are a part of the living Body of Christ and, as such, we are a reflection of the communal nature of the Trinity. Thus, the communion of the saints are models of faith who help us and guide us in our daily lives.

About everlasting life

We believe that God loved creation so much that he became human in the person of Jesus. We believe in Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection, and we hope one day we will rise with him.

Carlos hernandez

Parishioner and Knight of Columbus

“Prince of Peace offered me many ministries that helped bring me closer to my Catholic faith. There is a true sense of family within the community, which is why my family and I have been parishioners for over 20 years."

Carmen Quiroga

Parishioner and Minister of Holy Communion

"I came to Prince of Peace unsure about my faith. I quickly came to love this wonderful community because of the love, warmth, and compassion that this parish exudes. I rediscovered my faith, and more importantly, I fell in love with our Lord."

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Parishioner Registration Form F.A.Q.

My family is making the move to prince of peace? What should i do?

Simply fill out the form in its entirety in all of its appropriate places. There will be appropriate space for multiple persons or family members to sign up. Ignore those portions of the form that do not apply to you until you get to the bottom.

What if i am signing up by myself? do i have to fill it all out?

No, simply fill in your portion under Person #1 and then move down to the last portion that is mandatory for all.

What if my family has an different structure than presented here?

Don't worry, simply assign each person a number and fill out the relevant fields per person.

What if I have more family members than there are spaces on the form?

Simply contact the Parish office 210-681-8330 so that we can guide you through the process.