Our faith is a journey, we are all at different points along the road.

Just like most things in life, it is easier with friends or family by your side. Together, we can grow in faith and love for our Lord.

Every part of the Body of Christ is important, every part is needed, and that means you are needed! By registering to be a part of the Prince of Peace Parish family, you will be better able to stay informed and share your talents for the growing of God's kingdom.

Why register as a member of out family? For many reasons, including…

  • To belong

  • To be counted as a member

  • To stay up to date with parish news & events

  • Mutual commitment of you to the parish & vice versa

  • To be committed to serve

  • Participate in lay ministries

  • Receive car/home blessings

  • Receive a letter of recommendation as a practicing Catholic to be a Godparent or Sponsor

Be sure to finish registering on the ParishSoft website so we can have all of your information in our system.

*ParishSoft is the third party program used by various churches to handle their internal parish database. By clicking on the link, a new window will open, and you will be asked to create a username & password. The Prince of Peace Catholic Church office does not have access to your password.